Where do you ship?

We ship to Canada and the United States.

How do you ship?

For orders within Canada, we ship via our warehouse or through Amazon.ca, whichever is faster.

For orders in the US, we ship from Amazon.

Do you accept returns?

Returns will be accepted as long as the item is in good condition. Some products are non-returnable or will be refused if damaged or consumed. Our return policy is two weeks from date of receiving.

What is the warranty?

We back our products with a warranty against faulty workmanship, manufacturing or defects. We do not cover wear-and-tear, physical damage, consumable products, or products not used for their intended purpose. Our warranty period is 1 year from purchase date.


How are your products designed/produced?

Our suppliers work with First Nations artists to design and create products. In some instances, we purchase direct from the artists themselves. Depending on the medium the artist prefers to use, we will work with them to help breathe life into their designs through products and artwork.

I am a First Nations artist! How can I become involved?

We are always looking to work with artists and designers. If you have a unique product, artwork, or design that you wish to collaborate with, please contact us with your product and backstory. We accept all forms of artwork, both traditional, modern and experimental. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can with Native American traditions and culture, both from the past and the present.

What amount of royalty do you pay to artists?

Royalty amounts are paid by individual basis depending on the products, artwork, or design offered. If you are an artist looking for more information, please contact us.